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Custom software development is done right with Art & Logic d.o.o. We provide custom software solutions. Art & Logic d.o.o specializes in custom software development, database solutions, development solutions, custom applications, and custom programming services (just to name a few). Our software development is versatile and is available in a variety of programming languages including: C#, C++, Visual FoxPro and ASP .NET. Our talented programmers can develop custom software that utilizes MS SQL, My SQL, and Microsoft Access Databases. Please take a look at our services! Going global and need to hire a coder or hire a programmer? Art & Logic d.o.o can create a custom application, custom web page, or custom web application in any language around the globe. Art & Logic d.o.o talented software development teams work hard to make your custom software, custom database solution, or web application a success.



SEO (100% Expert)


C# (14 Years Expert)

100% Complete

ASP.NET (11 Years Expert)

100% Complete

Windows Workstations (15 Godina Expert)

100% Complete

Project Management (9 Years)

85% Complete (warning)

SQL Server (9 Years)

75% Complete (warning)

SQL (11 Years)

75% Complete (warning)

Windows Server (9 Years)

75% Complete (warning)

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