AA+ Business Certificate

The certificate verifies reliability, credibility and minimum risk in the cooperation with the certified company. The owners of the certificate turn into attractive business partners, considering the stabile financial health . The exclusivity of companies is guaranteed by strict criteria. These companies can acquire the certification and confirm their strong position on the market. The certification brings vast choice of cooperation on international commissions or contracts, where credibility is the key factor of cooperation.

ExpertRating and Upwork Certificates


What does ExpertRating do?

ExpertRating gives timed skills assessment tests to workers and rates them on a percentile basis compared to their peers.  Workers that are able to pass ExpertRating tests have exhibited 20% better performance and efficiency on the job than their counterparts who are not certified.
This gives both discriminating employers and superior workers a new avenue to identify each other and conduct more satisfying transactions on vWorker.com.


Upwork Skill Tests

Upwork provides skills tests through its own means or third parties. These tests are optional for the Contractors. They are meant as a data point in evaluating Contractors.

Certificates from Upwork.com
  oDesk Readiness Test for Independent Contractors and Staffing Managers
  U.S. English Basic Skills Test
  Programming with C# Test
  Windows XP Test
  SQL Test
  ASP.NET with SQL Server Test