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I am kind of "Beat Maker" type of Producer , with strong knowledge of "Low End" (I don't have to use loops), "Mixing/Mastering" and "Sound Syntheses".
I can create any part of beat using synthesizers, rhythm machines and bass synthesizers.
I had started my care as musician at 1987 as performer of "Balkan Folk Music" , but Guns N' Roes relisted their "Appetite for destruction" album and my brain was changed forever.
At my age of 16 , I started to make my own music.
At my twenties I was influenced by G N' R, Led Zeppelin and Doors.
Third decade of my life was time for Duran Duran and Jean Michele Jarre .
My first releases were my covers of Jean Michele Jarre, Space and Harold Faltermeyer.
At 2017 I had release as author and performer 4 Techno/Dance/Electro instrumentals witch find their place at compilation albums:
- Dance Music Ignite
- Dance Beat Affection
- Dance Music Locus
- E-Clipse: Electro Land Mix
Those instrumentals were also licensed for :
- Radio performances
- "MediaNet Blanket Licenses"
- "Omny Studios Podcast Music Licenses"
- "International In-Store/Overhead Radio Blanket Licenses".
At this moment I work on Sound Syntheses and looking for collaborators for Electronic, Dance and Hip-Hop music.

I create quality, unique backing tracks for a range of genres.
Our backing tracks are for musicians and singers who are looking for something different!
Why be like everyone else, singing the same backing tracks and cover versions. If you feel that “being different matters” then please check out my backing track downloads!
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- Noise reduction
- Volume normalization
For podcast and videos


Songs made in our production.