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C# windows forms developer

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Friday, September 8, 2017 3:43:53 PM

Finished : November 2012 Customer: , Leeds,England

Technology :C#, MySql, WCF, ASP.NET MVC 4.

I was working as remote worker for on development of windows and web modules for cloud realestate software RealCube.

Project was 100% accepted and rated with 4 stars.


New version of Video Shadow


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Friday, September 8, 2017 4:02:06 PM

Finished : January 2013 Customer: , Fishers,IN,US

Technology :Visual C#, Scrapping, Google API, YouTube API, Html Agility Pack, SEO.

If you do any sort of video marketing, you know that just like anything else, you have to do your research.

Learn more on and

GIA Production Management System


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Friday, September 8, 2017 4:24:33 PM

Finished : January 2014 Customer: The Grip Master Company Pty Ltd, Melbourne , Australia

Technology :C Sharp,Telerik,SQL Server,ADO.Net

Solution witch covers Production,Sales,Manufacturing and Accounting in Golf Sticks factory.

Online Inventory Management Software


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Friday, September 8, 2017 4:31:18 PM

Finished : April 2014 Customer: , Bluffton,US

Technology :Visual C#,HTML Agility Pack,Scrapping,Excel

Application monitors number of online stores.

Compares prices for products stored in database with prices on web sites, and indicates direction of price change.

Results are exported to formatted Excel document.

FTDI Measuring Instruments Software


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Friday, September 8, 2017 4:47:14 PM

Finished : April 2015 Customer: Morten Strom, Horten, Norway

Technology :C Sharp,WPF, Print To PDF, FTDI, MySQL

Software reads from FTDI Measuring Instruments, writes data to MySQL Database, writes graphics to PDF and presents results in graphics controls.